How Early Should You Arrive for a Flight Out of Newark Airport?

Most airlines want and recommend passengers to arrive to check-in for their domestic flight 2 hours prior to the scheduled take-off time. For international flights, it’s wise to arrive 3 hours prior to the scheduled take-off time.

There are any number of reasons you could be delayed in arriving at the airport, delayed at check-in, or delayed going through security. That’s the reason for this-

Travel Tip for Flying into or Out of Newark Airport

This travel tip will reduce your risk of missing a flight, reduce stress, and save you money: Stay at The Swan Motel the night before your flight out of Newark Airport.

The Swan Motel is a clean, comfortable place to stay the night before your flight. Room rates start below $100, parking is free and you can even take advantage of the Free, 24 Hour Airport Shuttle Service.

Running into heavy traffic, a flat tire, or a speeding ticket could easily cause you to miss a flight. Why risk an expensive and avoidable disaster? Simply drive, park, and stay in a cheap, comfortable room on Rt. 1 on Linden, New Jersey.

Get a Free Ride to the Newark Airport

Thousands of smart travelers drive up to 100 miles to stay at The Swan the night before their flight out of Newark Airport. Domestic and world travelers stay with us the night before their flight and enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast. They ride relaxed in a free shuttle to their specific airport terminal, and all on a budget any traveler can afford.

Park and Fly-Newark Airport

Going out of town for a few days? You’ll always park the first night free. Ask the management the current rate and availability for parking while you’re out of town.

When traveling into or out of the Newark Airport, especially for an early morning flight, staying at The Swan Motel is a smart decision. Click here for Rates & Reservations.

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